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I have been blessed on two occasions to be featured as a mompreneur in the Huffington Post. The most exciting thing of all is I was given the opportunity to write and article as well. If you are a business owner and need to grow your following click the link and learn the secret to growing your email list and create clients who crave your products and services.


 Online Academy for Entrepreneurs


It is your time to shine. You didn’t become an entrepreneur to struggle. The struggle ends now, but I have to be real with you baby, the war begins now. 

You have been fighting the best way you know how for so long. Enough is enough! 

You have one or a combination of these issues: 

  • Your business isn’t growing, and you don’t know what to do 
  • You don’t have a lot of money to invest, but you know you need coaching 
  • Your discipline sucks (be honest) 
  • You lack a solid support system 
  • You understand success strategies, but you don’t know how to implement them 
  • Your confidence is in the mud 

It is time to stop spinning your wheels. It is time for you to tap into your worth and start walking in your greatness. I don’t play. I stand by the saying, come correct or not at all. I keep it coming! I am raising the stakes; I got to see that you keep it coming too! 

Why should you join? 

  • Are you a leader in your industry yet you need a dose of inspiration/motivation or a fresh perspective in areas you don’t specialize in!
  • You want to be in a real community with real engagement to encourage you!
  • You want to build solid relationships and start a collaborative experience! 
  • You need increased motivation!
  • You need help jumping over your fears, such as going Live on Facebook!
  • You want to experience courses that gave you so much value you thought it was surreal!
  • You want to experience paid for courses that make you do a double take because there was no way it was so affordable for what you got!
  • You need to know how to reverse a lot of mistakes and get a fresh start! 

If any of these reasons and then The Real Talk for Business Mastery Academy is for you. 

Once per month: 

  • I will host a live training session via Zoom 
  • Once per month a member of the group CAN take part in the Live Challenge seat 
  • Once per month a Q&A via Zoom 
  • 50% off Strategy Session rate of $197.00 (grandfather for as long as you are a member) 
  • Whatever surprise I think of; I am always thinking of surprises.  

It is time to start implementing what you learn. 

Some of the categories we will cover in detail include: 

  • Time management 
  • Sales Training 
  • Pricing 
  • Technical Classes – Leadpages etc. 
  • Content Creation – for post, videos, emails etc. 
  • Live Video Tutorials 
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client Clarity in your purpose 
  • Client Attraction 
  • Money Blocks 
  • Spiritual dilemmas 
  • Self-Promotions 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Money management 

All of this at less than a fraction of what it would cost to pay per course. And nowhere near the cost of traditional education. Yet all very important to the profitability of your business. 

Participation in this group is subscription based and strictly voluntary. DISCOUNTED TRIAL FOR NEW MEMBERS ;-)! GET FULL ACCESS AT THE ENTRY LEVEL RATE!

Auguste Crenshaw 

Take advantage of my Confident and Killin' It Series?


Walk with me as I take you through the entire process I take my clients through to discover their inner most strengths, transform their past experiences and develop real, lasting confidence. 


Discover your gifts 

Unleash your skill set 

Never under estimate yourself again 


Strategy Session - Full Report Included

Dear Entrepreneur, 

How frustrated are you? Why does building your dream seem so damn hard? 

It gets confusing and overwhelming. Every direction you turn there is a new way and a new update to run your business. 

What if..... 

90% of it is bogus (is it)? 

How do you know? Where do you invest and when? Everyone makes it seem like if you don't do it right now, you are going to miss something big. 

blah blah blah 


The first and best investment is always going to be in you, not your products, services, sales funnels or lead magnets or chat bots. 

After all the freebies, webinars, trolling in groups, none of it will help bring you clarity. 

I get it. You are working with what you have. 


You are being smart. Who spends a ton of money on coaching on a whim. 

That is one of the reasons why Strategy Sessions are so amazing! You get to see if the Coach has real answers for your specific issue or if they are full of it. 

It is time for the wandering to stop. No more hoping and wishing things work out. You have a tremendous gift and you were meant to use it. You need help with the "know how", based on your needs. 

You know I am all about REAL TALK. 

  • If you are ready to get unstuck 
  • If you are sick of being frustrated 
  • If you are tired of feeling confused 

Let's connect! 

A Strategy Session with me will give you clarity and actionable steps you can start implementing right away. 

In addition, I am so thorough, I provide a written report. If you have the gusto and can take it from there, run with it. Only if you decide to have me guide you along the path then we go further. 

Looking forward to helping you Create the path for your future. It is time. This is one investment you will rave about. 


Who is Auguste Crenshaw?

Auguste Crenshaw is a Personal Development Coach. Her primary focus is on mindset, discipline and confidence. She helps entrepreneurs deal with the day-to-day distractions that blocks them from running a thriving, profitable business.

She has over twenty years of experience. She has been an entrepreneur since day one. She launched her first company her sophmore year in high school.

Born and raised in the Saint Louis, Mo. by her paternal grandparents, she was taught the following values: respect, honor, spirituality, and a strong work ethic. 

Her belief is we were all Created to be extraordinary, her mission in life is to help others repair their hearts and minds through practical lessons that have a tremendous spiritual impact. Reframing an individual’s mindset is her specialty. 

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.

Currently, she is a resident of Houston, TX. Auguste had an excellent life in St. Louis, MO, the perfect marriage, a beautiful home, a thriving business, and family and friends galore. But somehow she lacked purpose. Discontent with mediocrity, she and her husband thrusted themselves out of their comfort zone. In three months, they made a decision, sold their home and possessions, and moved to Houston to live in a more opportunistic environment. All of this was accomplished with three children and a baby on the way, while six months pregnant. 

Instead of fearing the unknown, they did the unthinkable; they embraced it. They Created their life. Her desire in life is to impart this same spirit in those she comes into contact with.